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Borehole Deviation Surveying

Minex is an experienced provider of borehole deviation survey services. Our skilled staff of Surveyors are well-trained and have experience providing our clients with the data they need and require. Minex Surveyors are based in Nevada and the Midwest however, we are not limited to those geographical areas and are able to provide our clients with our services anywhere in the U.S. Each Surveyor is fully equipped with a self-contained, enclosed wireline truck, complete with computer station, wireline hoist and supporting survey equipment.

The survey tools used in our services include magnetic tools, non-magnetic tools, a MEMS Gyro or a Continuous North Seeking Gyro depending on your project's needs. Surveying applications for this service are:

   •  Mining
   •  Diamond drilling
   •  Reverse Circulation Drilling
   •  Up Hole
   •  Underground
   •  Surface
   •  Conventional holes
   •  Vertical deviation
   •  Pilot holes/raise-bore
   •  Wedge and motor orientation
   •  Steering to target
   •  Site engineering
   •  Geotechnical
   •  Blast hole arrays

Our website is equipped to offer our clients a secure area for accessing proprietary survey data for their projects. Your geologists will quickly have the survey data they need in a form they can use with their mine-planning or project software. Our FTP site can store your data secured by your company's own password.

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